What’s the Plan?

The proposal on the table is to do a renovation and relocate tutoring services and the Writing Center to the Library building, possibly along with the Testing Center. Between the initial proposal in 2015 and the formation of the current Library Building Advisory Committee (BAC), we’ve had time to think about the “how” as well as the “what” in a big-picture way. How can a renovation make the Library a better student-centered place for Mines?

So, that’s our renovation goal–An academic gathering place with a student focus. The next question is, “How do we get there?”

For now, the Library’s identified these strategies:

  1. Improve student spaces.
  2. Boost access to content.
  3. Reduce the collections’ footprint.
  4. Integrate service areas and staff spaces.

This will help the Library go from the Baseline Future to the Preferred Future that better benefits Mines.


We’ll be collaborating with the architects and other stakeholders — community involvement is key, people! — on all of it. As the experts in A) and B) above, we’ll take the lead on the changes with the print and e- content we provide to Mines.



I'm Lisa Dunn, the Research & User Interface Librarian. I've been working on library space planning teams here for over a decade.

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