New University Librarian: Carol Smith

Happy New Year from the Arthur Lakes Library!


As the new University Librarian, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me settle in quickly to the Mines community. I met as many people as possible during my first two months here, but I know I still have many more of you to get to know and hope to do so early in the Spring 2017 semester. My door is always open to faculty, staff, students, and community members; feel free to drop by anytime you should find yourself at the library. I also welcome any and all opportunities to schedule a hello visit over a cup of coffee.


Much is underway at the Arthur Lakes Library. Beginning next week, both the library and the CSM Geology Museum will be embarking together on an intensive 12-week process to review and update our mission, vision, and values statements, and to develop ambitious yet achievable strategic plans that align with and contribute to the university’s strategic goals. We will be sharing our respective plans with you at the beginning of April and look forward to the new directions that come out of this process. Among other benefits, the library’s strategic plan will directly inform and guide our campus and design architects as we work with them to envision a renovated Arthur Lakes Library that better serves how scholars research, collaborate, and learn in today’s digital environment.

Brown Bag Schedule 


You can help! As I often like to say, it’s your library – you own it. Your input is essential to help us craft an innovative strategic plan for a 21st century STEM library. Accordingly, the library will be hosting a series of eight weekly themed brown bag lunch conversations, beginning Wednesday, January 9, at noon. All lunches will be held in the Boettcher Room and beverages will be served. Please see the attached flyer for additional details. We encourage you to attend any and all sessions and let us know what you’d like to see in your future library. Input can relate to the session’s primary theme, but we will also allow plenty of unstructured time for you to share any and all ideas you may have. And we’ll use this blog to share your input as we gather it.

We’re not waiting until the library renovation commences, though, to introduce improvements for both our physical and our digital library users. Those visiting the library will now find bean bag chairs, FitDesks, under the table cycles, and other short-term physical enhancements to make for a more comfortable and active study experience. We’ve also relaxed our food policy – we know that you need sustenance to study, so food and beverages (containers with lids) are now welcome anywhere in the library’s open spaces. We just ask that library users clean up after themselves, and cleaning supplies can be found at the circulation desk.

Half of the modern academic library is now electronic, and library users will find several significant improvements to their digital library experience. Our many course and discipline-specific research guides are now powered by a user-friendly, multimedia empowered platform. You’ll also find our A to Z list of electronic resources to be easier to navigate and access.

And of course, more of our popular library music concerts are on the way, beginning with a guitar event on Friday, January 27th – watch for announcements in the Daily Blast!

I wish everyone a successful Spring 2017 semester. If you have any feedback about how the Arthur Lakes Library can better serve you, please let me know.

Stay warm out there!

Carol Smith
University Librarian



I'm Lisa Dunn, the Research & User Interface Librarian. I've been working on library space planning teams here for over a decade.

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