Brown Bag Session #3, Wed. Jan 25, 2017 – Institutional Publishing

Wed, Jan 25: Institutional Publishing (MIT Recommendations 1, 4): Becoming a trusted vehicle for disseminating Mines’ research to the world.

 11 guests attended this session, including three students, one campus architect, three faculty members, the CIO, the Sr. VP for Research and Technology Transfer, one CASA staff member, and one additional unidentified attendee.


Major Takeaways


  • Many questions about ORCID iD; awareness building is needed but the support and interest is there
  • There is a recognized need for copyright compliance support on campus. The need for expertise, the time requirements involved, and legal concerns were all mentioned. Role seen for library in facilitating copyright compliance.
  • Attendees see value in the opportunity to more comprehensively disseminate research
  • Some faculty maintain Google Scholar profiles, but not all. Faculty recognize the problems and limitations of Google Scholar. Faculty see value in a comprehensive approach managed and controlled by our own institution.
  • Recognition that this is not just about disseminating research and connecting scholars. It’s also about marketing
  • The idea of storytelling as a marketing component resonated strongly with the group. Role seen for library. Stories need to be short.
  • Criticism of Mines web site, but a new one is coming soon
  • Concern about interoperability of various systems (Mines website; library site; institutional repository; future expert system)
  • Students need to better understand importance of keywords to discoverability and access and how to craft appropriate keywords. Library has role.

For the Full Notes on The Brown Bag CLICK HERE



I'm Lisa Dunn, the Research & User Interface Librarian. I've been working on library space planning teams here for over a decade.

2 thoughts on “Brown Bag Session #3, Wed. Jan 25, 2017 – Institutional Publishing

  1. Who’s looking at keywording concepts? I’d be interested in connecting as I’m developing a keywording/tagging system for the new Colorado Geological Survey web space (and their offline digital archive, so dealing with metadata issues as well…)…


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