From the Desk of the University Librarian


feb-blog-imageHappy February, all! Much is afoot at the Arthur Lakes Library:

First, a reminder: Many of you have come to enjoy the library’s Annual Book Sale, which has traditionally taken place on President’s Day in February of each year. We know how popular this event is with the campus and community, but after much deliberation the library staff decided to discontinue the event in favor of devoting more time to initiatives that further contribute to creating a 21st-century library for Mines.


In place of the book sale, we have placed a Free Books Giveaway Shelf just inside the main entrance of the library. It’s already proving quite popular, and free books are flying off the shelves each day. Stop in frequently to see what new titles are available!


idigmines_fbprofile_stampFebruary 9 is #idigmines Giving Day, a 24-hour fundraising event that lets you demonstrate your support for the campus causes you care about most. We encourage all to visit the Arthur Lakes Library’s #idigmines page on February 9 and show your love for the library. Contributions can be as small as $5.00 and will help us introduce much-needed study space improvements for our students. The #idigmines cause attracting the most number of donors will earn a $25,000 bonus, so please think of us!

The library continues to introduce innovative new services to improve the digital library experience. If you haven’t yet heard, we now offer Browzine, a platform that lets you browse, read, and monitor the latest scholarly journals in your discipline, either via a web browser or your favorite mobile device. Browzine is a user-friendly way to organize your faBrowZineLogo.jpgvorite e-journals into customized virtual bookshelves, be alerted to new issues, save articles, and read e-journals in a user-friendly environment. To learn more and get started, visit our guide at


And thank you for everyone who has been coming to the library’s series of Brown Bagbrown-bag-series lunches. The sessions have been well attended and we are gathering remarkable insights into how the library can better serve our users, insights that are supporting the development of a strategic plan and are informing plans for a renovated and rejuvenated physical library. These brown bag sessions take place each Wednesday at noon in the Boettcher Room of the library through March 1. Learn more.


The library’s popular Concert Series is already under way. If you missed January’s rousing jazz guitar session, no worries. In February, you can enjoy:dsc_0750_01

  • Friday, February 10:  Colorado Fuel Cell Center Troubadours
  • Friday, February 24:  Melodic Miners, Women’s A Cappella Group



As always, if you have any feedback about how the Arthur Lakes Library can better serve you, please let me know.
Spring is around the bend!
Carol Smith
University Librarian



I'm Lisa Dunn, the Research & User Interface Librarian. I've been working on library space planning teams here for over a decade.

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