Shared Voice

When we consider a library renovation, we try to communicate with a shared voice. The Library is here for the Mines community; as the Mines library staff it’s our job to create the best library possible for the university. That shared voice will likely evolve, but right now for the Library building it’s:

  1. Design for the future–If there’s one certainty, it’s change. Design should facilitate change as Mines changes.
  2. Be inviting and useful to our community–Meet a range of user needs; create an environment that encourages learning and creation; facilitate access to content; universal design to welcome all.
  3. Enable innovative library and campus services–A lab for instruction, consultation, collaboration, visualization, and more.
  4. Extreme flexibility (yes, extreme)–Responsive to RIGHT NOW; student-configurable, adaptable; spaces that can be re-purposed on the fly.
  5. Connect the physical and digital–Integrate services, resources and technology; visibility, flow.
  6. Maximize space use–Multi-function spaces, shared spaces, agile spaces, efficient spaces.
  7. Effective staff spaces–Spaces that enable staff (Library, Writing Center, CASA etc.) to do their best.
  8. Reflect Mines’ present and its rich heritage–Showcase who we are now and where we come from.

Of course, our voice isn’t the only one out there. Have a say of your own? Let us know.



I'm Lisa Dunn, the Research & User Interface Librarian. I've been working on library space planning teams here for over a decade.

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