Seen at Other Libraries…

Some different approaches to space.

Anderson Academic Commons Library, Univ. of Denver

This main floor’s central area has books, displays and student seating. The perimeter holds a large conference room, cafe, and student services.

Technology lab, DU Library

Those services includes a library help desk, writing and language center, math and science tutoring/study spaces, and a technology help desk.


Writing and math tutoring space, DU Library.

Here, student spaces–What works for a shared space with a variety of people doing different things.

Computers for single and group work, Auraria Library.
Study rooms, Auraria Library
Discovery wall for data visualization, talks, etc., Auraria Library.

And yes, I have a thing for tables–I want my table to be the right size, the right height, and placed just where I want it. Is it any wonder I love moveable adjustable tables?

Tablet-size moveable tables, Auraria Library.
Adjustable stand-up table, Auraria Library.
Adjustable table, Golden Community Center.


I'm Lisa Dunn, the Research & User Interface Librarian. I've been working on library space planning teams here for over a decade.

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